Crafting Earrings

So over the holiday I have been busy in the studio crafting earrings. I loved making them and made loads over the space of about a month so I thought about maybe selling them. I posted them on my facebook and I received a lot of love from them so I created my own etsy site and well I found out its extremely difficult to get enough interest online for people to buy them so I have decided to take them to a craft fete to sell. We have a local one at Christmas and it would be the perfect time for me to sell them. The reason I wanted to make a post about this was because it gave me an insight of how much time, money and energy goes into making and selling them. Firstly you have to buy materials to start like buttons and the stud earrings. I then had a problem with glue, I bought jewelry glue online but when it arrived it wasn’t what I wanted a lot and it also said on the packaging that the fumes are very dangerous if breathed in, so I shopped locally and found a good glue which works like a treat. Next there was issues with layout and how I was gonna present them. I experimented with card, cardboard and paper and found what worked best with the earrings and stuck to it. I had to create a logo and then had to price them accordingly to how much i spent on them. I never knew how much trouble went into selling craft items. I just thought “this would be nice to sell my earrings and make a slight profit doing something which I enjoyed”. Which made me appreciate craft fairs and items even more. So in the mean time I have been building up a winter/summer collection to sell in the fete.

11721886_10204192560763499_1113722615_n 11694300_10204192560603495_1504308666_n 11716132_10204206110022222_1043839215_n

11667095_10204192562963554_253928656_n 11700945_1677235495842876_641732375873955340_n


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