Final Display

I am so happy with the overall display. I feel like it gives an accurate representation of the river and location. I have a mac with videos and photographs playing and showing. There is also sound to the videos which will help with the senses. I also have my lightbox with glass fragments with imagery in which the viewers can explore. I have my map and prints with show the accurate representation of the location. I have blurred prints with the glass highlighting the image. and finally I have my large plinth with my jewellery on plinths surrounded with pebbles from the location itself.

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Diamond Centre Wales

I also would like to explore a job role becoming a jeweller and the first place I chose to look at is a fantastic hidden gem in Talbot green. I have sent a C.V and a cover letter to the company hoping to get a placement.



Upon further research into the company I have noticed that they take on apprentices. This would also be another thing to consider if I can get noticed by the company.


Cover Letters and volunteer applications

Another job role which I would like to explore would be in the film, television and theatre. I have no real experience in this field so the first step on the ladder would be to gain experience in this field. I will start by exploring the job role through volunteer work. I have sent off numerous emails asking for volunteer work in this field.


Art Coach Job Application

For my live application I applied for a job application with superstars in Cardiff and Bridgend. I am interesting in working with children but at the moment I am not interested in getting a PGCE. This job role however does not require a PGCE and you will have the opportunity to undertake one in the job. I have previously worked with children so I do have experience in this field. I am also interested in sharing the passion of art/design and craft to children. They are so imaginative and the creative skills begin when they are young. I have applied for this job role and are hoping to hear a reply.


Love where you live application

Following my application for the love where you live awards I received an email saying I was shortlisted.


Phone Call to Claire at Love where you live awards

I called Claire back and discussed the next step of the awards, She said that I was one of 3 finalists and that she needed to make a short video about me and my practice, this will include shots of me walking along the river collecting glass then me making my jewellery. They also need to record my voice talking about my practice.

The video will then be played in the July awards ceremony which I will be attending.

Claire and Matt will be paying me a visit on the 23rd May to record me. I am overwhelmed to actually be noticed for what I do to help the environment and also turn the waste material into treasure.