Findings, Fixings and Chains

I source the findings and fixings online at warm glass uk, these are sterling silver and cost

£19.61 for 5 small bails

£31.40 for 5 Large bails

£5.92 for 1 Sterling silver ring

£3.89 for deluxe brooch backs

I also had to source rope chain and I managed to find sterling silver snake chain 18inches £16.99.

I worked out materials cost and I was looking at around £25 pound for the necklaces

£10 for silver ring and £8 for the brooches.

I found a pricing formula that worked for me. I am worried about overpricing and underpricing so this formula seems much better for me. You need to cost up material costs

£25+£30 and + 10% of the totals for other costings


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