2nd Local Gallery Visit : Kingfisher Gallery, Cowbridge.

Today I visited the Kingfisher Gallery in Cowbridge. When I looked at this gallery online I wasnt too sure if it would be a good place to research artists but to my surprise I found lots of artists I could relate to and who I found that sparked my interest. The first artist who I found that intrigued me was an artist called Stella Parslow. I found the use of mixed media to be interesting. At first glance it looked like acrylic painted with a piece of pewter on the surface. I loved the use of mixed media. I like the communication of the rough texture of the acrylic against the smooth fluid like pewter. I would like to look into this artist further.

Original Painting CAT. STYLE Ref: MSDRS
Media: Acrylic and mixed media,3d
Mirrored Frame Recessed 59 x 48.5 cm (23 x 19 inches)
Mount Size: 51 x 40.5cm (20 x 16 inches)

The Next artist I found was Rozanne Bell. On the first appearance it seemed that the surface was coated in a resin which I found interesting as it shone and brought the colours to life even more. Here is a piece of her work called Harvest moon 3. I fell in love with her abstract skies and how the shiny resin surfaces brought them to life.

The work I was really drawn to and whom I would love to put in the portfolio was by an artist called Jay Nottingham. His work was abstracted but had a beautiful tonal aspect. I was draw to the, and there was many in the Gallery. Here is a similar painting I saw in the gallery from him. In the gallery there was a painting he created of southern down and it was mesmerizing as the texture of the waves looked like they were moving and crashing against the rocks. I would love to look at his work further.

Jay Nottingham. Original oils on canvas. British Artist, (b.1972) Bedfordshire.

Jay Nottingham, Original oil painting on panel, Poppy Cottage

I found an artist called Sue Howells who created work very similar to Elwyn Thomas (who I saw in Giles Gallery) in the way which they make the landscape look everlasting and very distant. I very much love that effect and the cuubist feel it gives off. This one is called ‘School the happiest days of your life’.

I then had a chat to the man who worked in the gallery and he asked me what work I make and he suggested I looked at the artist Robin Mullen who was an abstract artist. He then showed me his works and they were amazing. Just purely abstract I find beautiful and it was certainly my cup of tea. Here is an example of his work. This is Black hole  (130cm X 30 cm)( If you’ve ever searched for a thought provoking piece of artwork, ?black hole? could be the answer. In my mind?s eye. A painting which could absorb the viewer?s mind and take them to another place. The mysteries of the universe are so mind boggling that sometimes they are best put to one side. They do, however, have proof of the existence of black holes.)


Here is a list of other artists I liked from the gallery were, Paul Gardener, Richard Cooper, Andrew Grant-Kurtis and Nick Potter.


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