Final Display

I am so happy with the overall display. I feel like it gives an accurate representation of the river and location. I have a mac with videos and photographs playing and showing. There is also sound to the videos which will help with the senses. I also have my lightbox with glass fragments with imagery in which the viewers can explore. I have my map and prints with show the accurate representation of the location. I have blurred prints with the glass highlighting the image. and finally I have my large plinth with my jewellery on plinths surrounded with pebbles from the location itself.

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Findings, Fixings and Chains

I source the findings and fixings online at warm glass uk, these are sterling silver and cost

£19.61 for 5 small bails

£31.40 for 5 Large bails

£5.92 for 1 Sterling silver ring

£3.89 for deluxe brooch backs

I also had to source rope chain and I managed to find sterling silver snake chain 18inches £16.99.

I worked out materials cost and I was looking at around £25 pound for the necklaces

£10 for silver ring and £8 for the brooches.

I found a pricing formula that worked for me. I am worried about overpricing and underpricing so this formula seems much better for me. You need to cost up material costs

£25+£30 and + 10% of the totals for other costings

Lacquer and Gloss


I needed to protect my backing of my jewellery and I tried many alternatives. One being humbrol enamel paint. I chose a silver/brushed chrome colour and apply directly to the backings. I tested a few and the outcomes were not brilliant. It did not carry the quality of the silverleaf and also came out a tarnished silver. I was not very happy with the result so I looked into clear gloss.


The first gloss I tried was just a clear gloss that could be applied to art. I painted two coats on a few samples. I had an issue with the slight yellowing of the gloss. It looked really awful so my next step was to get a gloss that remained clear whilst on the surface. I used a lacquer  to first protect my silver leaf which would avoid tarnishing and then I tried a thick gloss which only needed 2 coats. The quality of the gloss was much clearer and left an almost opal effect which brought out the silverleaf more.


Master C.V


Personal Statement

Multi skilled maker currently completing final year of the BA Hon’s Artist Designer Maker Course at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Interested in the reuse of discarded objects sourced locally, I can transform historical waste materials into unique wearable items. I have a wide range of transferable skills which include, communication, teamwork and problem solving. I am creative, crafty and am always looking for new and exciting challenges and experience to further develop my skills.



Polite, Hardworking, Passionate, Creative,

Imaginative, Enthusiastic, Confident, Loyal

Trustworthy, Punctual, Reliable, Committed


  • 2:1 in second year of the ‘BA Hons Artist Designer Maker’ degree.
  • Triple Distinction- BTEC level 3 extended diploma for art and design
  • GCSE’s: Art and design (A), Religious (short course) (A), English language and literature (B), Additional science (B), Ethics and philosophy (B), History (B), Mathematics (C), Science (C), Health and social care (C), Welsh (C), Short course DIDA (PASS).


Woodwork, Ceramics, Small metals, Glass crafts, Photography, Jewellery Making, Pewter Casting, Print-making, Social-Networking skills, IT skills


Work Experience

S.W Earrings: 2015-Present

As a hobby, I like to craft earrings and other wearable items from buttons and embellishments. I have sold my jewellery in local fetes and fairs. From doing this I have gained consumer skills and customer service skills along with developing my social skills. I set up my own online brand, which with the help from social media I managed to advertise events that I was attending. I continue to make and sell my earrings at local fetes and online in craft places like Etsy. ​

Retail Assistant-Spar: 2014-Present

I am currently working part time in Spar Pontyclun, as the role of retail assistant. I work as a part of a team to deliver high customer service. The skills I have developed from working here is communication skills, cash handling, team work, problem solving and IT skills. I am trusted every night to keep the store clean and make sure the shop is presentable for the morning by replenishing stock and removing waste. I am also trusted to then shut down the shop, cash up the tills and lock up the store ready for the morning.

Production Operative-Crabtree and Evelyn: 2013

In 2013 I worked as part of a team on a production line where I constructed beauty products ready to ship out to the public. Sometimes I work on my own where I would individually pick and wrap products for online customers. I would pack the products onto crates where they would be later shipped to overseas stockists. In this job role, I would make sure the products were not damaged and carefully and quickly assemble them into packaging. Here I learned to work under pressure whilst working on a constant production line producing high quality stock for sale.

Volunteer at Pontyclun Primary School: 2010-Present

After undertaking work experience at Pontyclun Primary school, I have been called back on numerous occasions to be a staff assistant during trips and day outs for the children. I have a full CRB check and have been lucky enough to attend places like Castle Coch, Oakwood theme park and the Forest of Dean. Duties include making sure the children get safely to and from the location, being on hand to aid in the children’s needs and looking after a group on my own, once at the location.   ​

Classroom Assistant-Pontyclun Primary School: 2010

I have undertaken a week’s work experience in Pontyclun Primary School as a teacher’s classroom assistant. My duties included working independently with groups of children on creative work for displays whilst also having the opportunity to take an art lesson unaided with the children. I also assisted staff with a wide range of activities to aid in the pupils learning. Thus, I have developed skills in communication, organisation and creative skills.


BA Hons Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University: 2014 – present

​I am currently in my third and final year of the Maker course at Cardiff School of Art and Design. I have gotten to experience a wide range of skills and techniques such as Woodwork, Ceramics, Small metals, Glass, and Pewter Casting to name a few. For my final year, I am focusing on transforming found waste glass into wearable jewellery.

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design at Bridgend College: 2011-2013​​​

I have completed my BTEC level 3 extended diploma for art and design which was a 2-year course. I completed the course with a triple distinction. I got to develop and learn skills in subjects like Photography, Ceramics, Drawing, Woodwork, Textiles, Printmaking and Graphics.

Y Pant Secondary School: 2007-2011 ​

GCSE’s: Art and Design (A), Religious (short course) (A), English language and literature (B), Additional Science (B), Ethics and philosophy (B), History (B), Mathematics (C), Science (C), Health and social care (C), Welsh (C), Short course DIDA (PASS).

Exhibitions and Live Briefs

2012: – Came 3rd in the under 19’s Eisteddfod art competition.

2012: – Exhibited my work in Bridgend college Summer show.

2014 Present: -Showcased in Cardiff School of Art and Design Summer


2016: – Publicly displayed a medal created for BAMS project in Craft in the Bay.

2016: – Participated in a live brief to create a stage prop for Age Cymru’s Gala

Dinner at the Marriot Hotel.

Hobbies and Interests

My main passion is art, I especially like visiting galleries to discover more artists, designers and crafts-people to influence my practice. I love to be crafty and make cards and gifts for family and friends. Another passion of mine is music; I love listening to music and going to live performances. One of my favourite hobbies is to go to the theatre, I often go around Cardiff to view performances. I also enjoy shopping and socialising with my family and friends.


References upon request.


Personal Statement

Catalouge 1

As a maker, I am a firm believer that no materials should be left unutilised. Therefore, I found that using waste materials that others had discarded, I could not only create beautiful pieces of jewellery but also benefit the surrounding area by cleaning up the debris and repurposing it. I primarily work with found glass which I source from a local riverbank. The glass I find interests me because of the history behind each piece and the story each fragment holds. A lot of the glass collected is marked with lettering indicating that they have originated from the local village. The choice of place is significant to me because it has always been my home and as such holds a lot of sentimental value, and to be able to source materials from here and clean up the environment is wonderful. The glass is fired in the kiln where it naturally forms a smoother and more rounded edge, I then apply my imagery to the glass using decals. By adding silver-leaf the quality of the material heightens. All the pieces I produce are unique, and have a painterly quality to them. In my practice, I wish to highlight the concern of pollution whilst also highlighting the beauty found in the local surrounding area. I take pride in transforming trash into treasure whilst also reducing pollution in my local environment.

-Samantha Williams


More Digital Drawing

I have found so many interesting objects from the river and I wanted to find a way of documenting them, so I have been drawing them digitally through my phone. I thought it was good way to record my finds and also compare digital and the real things. I have started building an album of my digital drawings.

Plaster Image Transfer- Second Attempt

After the first failed attempt I took on board a few things that might aid me in my next attempt and these were:-

  • To make the images darker
  • Black and white if possible
  • To invert the image
  • Have a more smaller and detailed image

With these points in mind I went on the computer to edit the images in order to hopefully get a better print. The images I took have been inverted and I made them black and white. I also made the image darker through contrast. I cut my plaster batt into 4 small rectangles and also made my images the same size. I then tried the process again printing the image out on a toner printer. The outcomes this time worked better but they were still not at the quality that I wanted them at. The ink had smudged removing the fine details of the image. The plaster also had bubbles in which made the surface all dotted. I really was not happy with the outcomes again. It seemed that the plaster was getting the blurred quality I wanted but without the main detail. I will re-think my option of using image transfers on plaster in display.