Crafting and making a small business pays off!

As you may know last year I started crafting my own jewellery, earrings to be exact and since then I have made loads and loads of them. From resin embellishments found online to old buttons I had laying around the house. I made so many that I started giving them away as gifts. My friend suggested I set up my own craft stall to sell them at local summer fetes/boot sales. I thought that was a great idea and slowly but surely I started to make up my own business of it. S W Earrings.13607727_10206370874419979_275155560_n

I researched how to present them in a stall and how I could present myself. I set up an ETSY account and tried to sell some on an online shop but it was a flop I had no customers. So I signed up to a christmas fete. I turned up and set up and it was a success. I had such wonderful comments and a few sales. So I tried another 2 fetes but they were also a flop due to poor advertisement and poor weather. It was only until I decided to go to my local school fete that I actually saw potential. My stall was a hit I must have sold over 30 pairs of earrings which is crazy for me. I also had people asking me to make pairs specifically for them which is incredible.


I was amazed when kids and adults took the earrings and put them straight on. I was so blessed to see people actually appreciating an object which I crafted for a hobby. My next step is to make more and replenish stock and also cater more towards the younger audience because that is where I found the market to be. I am over the moon to have grown as a Maker due to this. I have gotten to see my work being sold and appreciated which is just incredible. I will continue to do this on the side because to me it’s not just a hobby now but a community.13522012_1813129015586856_3642007398165941144_n.jpg

I would also like to add without the support of my sister and my parents none of this would be possible, so thank you!


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