My objectives and Aims for Over the Summer

I am sad to say my second year of university is over but I came out of it with a 2:1 as my grade, of which I am ecstatic about. Through this year I have battled many obstacles that have been bombarded at my face. So let’s recap, at the start of the term I had a bit of a wobbly and was unsure of if I was doing the right course, It all seems so technical and I am more of a hands on (pen and paper) kind of girl which is where my doubts started to sprout. Secondly I had a real struggle with the BAMS project in which I wanted to restart my idea all together but with lots of testing/experimenting and persistence it payed off because although I didn’t get to hand in my medal for the live brief but I got to actually create one and it was there in it’s physical form, which I was so pleased about. Next year I hope to submit my medal for the BAMS project, that would be an even greater accomplishment.

Also this term things kept going bed to worse when my nerves and anxiety took a hold of me. I just couldn’t face certain things and needed to get away, I am glad I took time out of university and focused on my work at home because that’s what I really needed. Persistance is Key and I pushed myself everyday to continue on my initial ideas that seemed to be only bones of a great idea, but I got there. I am incredibly happy that I passed this year of university. I cannot tell you what it means to me. I am now taking the summer to mentally and physically preparing myself for third year because I know from my fellow third year students how difficult it is.

Over the summer I hope to better myself by visiting lots of local galleries and try to atleast travel to visit a few away. By doing so I hope I can further my understanding of local culture/art and design, which would be beneficial going into third year with more knowledge. I also hope to get some work experience, at the moment I am working on my CV which is crucial for employers/tutors to see what I have achieved so far. By doing some work experience I hope to get a better understanding of where I want to take my career path, because at the moment it’s very hazy. I have also joined email lists from galleries which will give me details in upcoming events, which I could visit. I also need to focus on my Dissertation to get that started and up and running; and to add to all of this I am also working near enough full time in my local retail store to earn some money which I need very dearly.

I really I hope I can follow through on my aims and objectives for over the summer because I really need to better my understanding and knowledge in the creative industry to work towards becoming a better me.

This is a start of my Summer blog which I hope to keep you updated and to remind myself to stay determined because I have proven to myself I can do this!




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