Personal Statement

Catalouge 1

As a maker, I am a firm believer that no materials should be left unutilised. Therefore, I found that using waste materials that others had discarded, I could not only create beautiful pieces of jewellery but also benefit the surrounding area by cleaning up the debris and repurposing it. I primarily work with found glass which I source from a local riverbank. The glass I find interests me because of the history behind each piece and the story each fragment holds. A lot of the glass collected is marked with lettering indicating that they have originated from the local village. The choice of place is significant to me because it has always been my home and as such holds a lot of sentimental value, and to be able to source materials from here and clean up the environment is wonderful. The glass is fired in the kiln where it naturally forms a smoother and more rounded edge, I then apply my imagery to the glass using decals. By adding silver-leaf the quality of the material heightens. All the pieces I produce are unique, and have a painterly quality to them. In my practice, I wish to highlight the concern of pollution whilst also highlighting the beauty found in the local surrounding area. I take pride in transforming trash into treasure whilst also reducing pollution in my local environment.

-Samantha Williams



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