Lacquer and Gloss


I needed to protect my backing of my jewellery and I tried many alternatives. One being humbrol enamel paint. I chose a silver/brushed chrome colour and apply directly to the backings. I tested a few and the outcomes were not brilliant. It did not carry the quality of the silverleaf and also came out a tarnished silver. I was not very happy with the result so I looked into clear gloss.


The first gloss I tried was just a clear gloss that could be applied to art. I painted two coats on a few samples. I had an issue with the slight yellowing of the gloss. It looked really awful so my next step was to get a gloss that remained clear whilst on the surface. I used a lacquer Β to first protect my silver leaf which would avoid tarnishing and then I tried a thick gloss which only needed 2 coats. The quality of the gloss was much clearer and left an almost opal effect which brought out the silverleaf more.



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