Plaster Image Transfer- Second Attempt

After the first failed attempt I took on board a few things that might aid me in my next attempt and these were:-

  • To make the images darker
  • Black and white if possible
  • To invert the image
  • Have a more smaller and detailed image

With these points in mind I went on the computer to edit the images in order to hopefully get a better print. The images I took have been inverted and I made them black and white. I also made the image darker through contrast. I cut my plaster batt into 4 small rectangles and also made my images the same size. I then tried the process again printing the image out on a toner printer. The outcomes this time worked better but they were still not at the quality that I wanted them at. The ink had smudged removing the fine details of the image. The plaster also had bubbles in which made the surface all dotted. I really was not happy with the outcomes again. It seemed that the plaster was getting the blurred quality I wanted but without the main detail. I will re-think my option of using image transfers on plaster in display.



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