Blurred images with focused glass pieces.

After re-thinking my plaster batts with imagery transferred on them I decided to follow a similar route. The whole purpose of the display is to emphasise the imagery found in the glass and by adding a blurred background the glass stands out more. I decided if I could manipulate the images myself and print that off to display with the glass pieces on top.  The images I chose were photographs of the woodland where the glass is found. I edited the images so that they were black and white and also blurred. I printed the un-edited images which were the same size onto the lazertran paper where I could then transfer onto glass fragments.

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The outcome worked so well, I was very pleased with how the glass matched up with the images perfectly and I also loved the size of the images. The scale between the glass and the images was ideal because the images did not overshadow the glass and vice versa. Using the plaster batts from the tests before I made them into the bases of the images so they could be raised on the plinth.


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