Artist Book

For the last couple of weeks I have been compiling an album of photographs that I wanted to document in my artist book for my project. I wanted my artist book to be mostly imagery which resembled the journey of location, to sourcing the glass and then to making my jewellery. I wanted to maintain a connection back to the place by adding photographs from the location. I found this to be a successful story of how my work is made, from inspiration to the completed project. I wanted to highlight the beauty rather than the pollution at the location. I have achieved what I set out to do in my book and I think it has become a successful tool which will help in the aid of presenting my work. I used the photobox website to build a book, this was a helpful website because you could add any jpeg photograph to any size/scale with option of text. I have made a square softcover book on the website which cost around £18 you will also have to pay more for postage and packaging. My only negative concern is that I will not receive my book in time for the deadline, so I will have to give the tutors a pdf version of my book.


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