Updating my Degree Show Plans

Previous ideas were very unclear but did include some vital things that are needed to be included in my exhibition. The main one is location, I need to show a clear idea of location and give my audience a real life experience of place. I also need a clean and clear way to exhibit my products. My next ideas were to include a detailed map with images pinned onto the wall to show an accurate representation of place, alongside a monitor with a visual representation of the location through a video. I also need to include a way of presenting my jewellery on a unique holder.


I created a digital representation of a presentation idea of the map and a plinth with plaster pebbles. I really found the map to be a useful source and I think my viewers will too. And the plinth would be a clean and interesting presentation source.


After I was drawing and thinking up new ideas I wanted to see how I have moved on in my display idea from my last idea sketches and I feel like I have developed a more refined idea. I want to include at least 3 plinths with 3 ways of showcasing my products I also want a map surrounded with images, and a mac to show location off. With that rough idea I wanted to create a digital drawing of my exhibition idea.


I took images of my work and along with digital drawing I created this drawing which showcased a visual representation of my idea for the degree show. I am pleased with this as a basis and can work from this idea. I will need to refine and complete my finished outcomes and then I will be able to plan what will go within the show.


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