Transferring Imagery onto Plaster Batts

As a way of presenting my jewellery Ingrid suggested I look into transferring images onto plaster using cellulose thinners, this process would leave a faded image of which I could place my clear jewellery with the images within on top. The outcome should create a lens effect making the images look clean and clear through the glass fragments. I had never used this process before so some research was to be done before attempting this process. The first step was to make some plaster batts for the images to be transferred onto. I made a wooden frame with a layer of clingfilm and poured the plaster into that to dry.


After the plaster had dried completely I began to choose an interesting image to transfer onto the surface. I then had to print out the image using a industrial printer like the ones at uni, once that had been done, I began to lay the image face down onto the plaster and using a cotton wool ball I rubbed in the cellulose thinners and pressed firmly on the surface. The cellulose thinners evaporated very quickly so I had to keep applying coats to the image. The process seemed to have works but not as well as I hoped. I used a coloured photocopy and I think I should have darkened the image or made it black and white because the image did not transfer as well as I would have liked. Knowing my mistake I hope my second attempt will be much better, here are the outcomes.

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