Sourcing Material

After a few nice sunny days I felt like this was a key opportunity to scout the river for more materials as the river was very low. I ventured into the river this time reaching pebbled bays that can normally not be reached. I had such fun river combing in which I found some lovely glass to work with.


Among some of the finds were nearly whole bottles that were buried within the mud which saved them from cracking upon the pebbles. I was lucky enough to find bottles from Cowbridge, Pontypridd and Cardiff, all local areas. Some of the bottles are so beautiful that I would like to display them in my show. I also found lots of interesting ceramic fragments. When I search the rivers I am filled with excitement and adventure. I think the process of sourcing the material is such a fun process and a relaxing thing to be doing. I found lots of glass to work with so I will be firing and decaling like mad coming closer to deadline.

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