OS Maps

For the degree show I wanted to present location in the form of a map which clearly documents where I source my glass and ceramic fragments from. I spoke to Jon about this and he suggested I take a look at OS maps. OS maps or Ordnance Survey is a website or an app made for detailed maps which you can use to print off and use. I needed a detail map which would highlight the exact location of the river. I tried to take a map from google maps but it was hard to zoom in far enough to get a good map of the location. Using the OS website I was able to pinpoint the exact river trail I follow when I collect my materials.

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There are 5 different type of maps you could use, standard, aerial, national park pathways, standard + OS leisure maps and aerial 3D. After testing them all out I think I will be using either the standard map or the standard + OS leisure map.


Standard + OS Map

map 1

Standard Map

I think I may need to include them both because the standard map is what I need and I love the light tones of green and blue but it doesn’t clearly state where the location is but the standard + OS map does but it looks rather crowded. I will need to see how I could include both in my display.


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