Business Cards, Stamps and Stickers

As an Artist Designer Maker it is important to have a strong image. For customers and contacts, business card/postcards are a good source to be able to give out, which contains all your details and images of your work. I always like to have a business card for the project I am working on at the time because imagery is important. It is nice to take a piece of what you’ve seen in the degree show away and possibly research into the artist/designer/maker at a later date. I also bought a stamp with my name, logo and title on, this is to be able to add my details onto tags I make to go alongside my work produced. I purchased a book of stickers for the same cause which is to highlight my business on tags or for display purposes. I find when you have a professional business card it is something for others to keep and a great form of contact17903551_2266521156906730_658887764466054447_n.



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