Over Easter Plans

Over the Easter holiday I am going to be collecting as much glass as possible. I have already passed the first week of the holiday where I managed to avoid the rain and collect glass and fire 1 load. I was hoping for more but the weather has put a dampener on my glass hunts, the river was too high and covered my patch where I collect my glass. Over the weekend however we have had lovely weather so I am feeling positive that the river has gone down and is ready to be explored again.


I have also in the meantime brought home every bit of glass I have kiln fired and I plan to sort and use as much of  the glass as possible. I find I can use at least a third of the glass fired, the other 2/3’s are too cloudy, too dirty, too dark and the decals cannot be seen from the back. I hope that the glass I don’t use can be recycled. I would also like to look into making my own frit from the unused glass as I have researched into a machine which will break up glass in a safe and contained way. My next steps will be to decal and silver-leaf all of the glass pieces and in the meantime collect more and fire the last week of Easter if I can. I need to experiment with wooden veneer backings and also plaster casts with imagery of for the show. I have lots to do but I hope I can get a lot done over Easter as the countdown is ever approaching.




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