Meeting at Giles Gallery

After emailing local galleries I had a speedy response from the owner of Giles Gallery who replied with :-

giles gallert

I accepted and went for a chat. It was very positive, I explained what I do and she said there wasn’t a waiting list for exhibiting wearables or objects in her gallery at the moment the only waiting list was for wallspace. I told her I am exploring my options for when I leave university. I want to be able to exhibit my work locally because I feel that is my first option and I can then later branch out. I have never worked with a gallery solely on my own so I am unaware of how to apply and if there are any costs the gallery may have. Beth said she was happy to view my work after I finish university and pick a few items to display in the gallery, she is also coming to the degree show so I can showcase my work to her in a professional surrounding. We also spoke about how online presence was important as a maker in this new age. I am feeling happy with this outcome. I hope she will be able to view my work in person in a professional atmosphere and I can hopefully have a chat and see what are my next steps are with exhibiting my work within her gallery. It is positive to see how I can show off my work after university, I am looking forward to this. Showcasing in her gallery will not only promote myself but I am also starting to build contacts in the industry which is also exciting.


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