Catalogue Preparations

For our degree show the makers must produce a catalogue which includes each individual’s profile/business with contact information, social media links, logos, imagery of our work and a statement of our practice. We are lucky that two members of our course have been on top of the catalogue making Bex and Evan are planning the catalogue and to aid in their making of the catalogue we needed to fill out a word document which included all our details. I found the word document to be a useful thing just to combine all of your contacts/your brand and also your statement. The catalogue will be a useful thing in the show because professional contacts can take one away and have all of your details and examples of what work you created and also with the added head shots they will be able to see who you are and approach you if they want to talk about your work/practice. I am excited to see the maker’s work all together in one place as a collection.

Catalogue form

Your Name: Samantha Williams

Branding Name: Samantha Williams Maker

Logo:    final 1

Email address:



Social media: Facebook- @SamanthaWilliamsMaker

Instagram- @samanthawilliams_maker

Artist Statement (50-100 words): The purpose of my practice is to draw attention to found objects that have been throw away or discarded, I reuse the material and make into wearable objects.  I source and recycle discarded glass found in my local woodland riverbank. I begin by cleaning up the found glass and then kiln firing it. I then transform them into wearable jewellery. I maintain a connection back to the woodland by transferring imagery (which I have taken) from the riverbank onto the fragments of glass. I wish to highlight the concern of pollution in local woodland trails as well as highlighting the beauty found in local surroundings. I take pride in transforming trash into treasure.

Photos of work:



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