Targeting Local Galleries For Showcasing My Work

After University I would like to continue to showcase my work. My target audience will be local galleries because the work I make is local based. The only galleries near Pontyclun is Giles Gallery and Llantrisant Gallery. I have emailed both galleries asking how I go about exhibiting work within them. I have only ever showcased in one gallery and that was for our BAMS project where all the students had to have a medal and statement to exhibit to the public. I was pleased that I could showcase my work there. As I am a newcomer to exhibiting my work in galleries I will need to have a chat with the gallery owners and find out how I do so along with any other information I will need to know. I think this would be a great step for me after university because I still want to produce wearable items and with more public reactions to my work I will be able to see if it is worth continuing. Below is the emails I sent off, I am looking forward to receiving a reply.



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