Who does the river belong to?

I wanted to research and have a talk with the people who owned the river. I wanted to know any information and history about the river, which I could include in my findings and possibly include in my end of year show, but it has been quite the task.

I firstly asked the local community on a local facebook page, and I only had one reply that told me it was probably the councils and that I should research on the Rhondda Cynon Taff’s’ website. so I began to email around a few people who could be of potential help.

I firstly emailed our local councillors along with a corporate estates agent from the council. The corporate agent I spoke to got back to me with a map of the river and asked me to mark the map where I was enquiring about. I did so and when she replied she told me that in fact the land in question does not fall within the ownership of Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC.


I know that even though the woodland/river is not in the ownership of the local council, it is still for public use because it is apart of a public trail and seen from sign posts. I don’t really think that it is possible to find who owns it and if I did why would that benefit them or me? I think I was just hoping for some recognition and possibly enlist some contacts. I am not sure but as for that I will have to leave it at a dead end.


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