Jon:- I had a tutorial with Jon last week and we spoke about presentation of my jewellery in the degree show. I was concerned with my show plan because I wasn’t sure how I could present my jewellery in a new and exciting way which kept location in mind. Jon suggested I look at making a plaster cast mould from the pebbles at the location. I could then use this cast as a platform in which I rest my jewellery on. I really liked this idea, it was new, exciting and gave the essence of place without physically using the pebbles. We also spoke about how I could layer the clear glass without using a sheet of bullseye and fusing them. I will need to experiment with both ideas and see how the outcomes work with my own body of work.


Pip:-After my talk with Jon he suggested I speak to Pip about silver leaf because she has worked with the material previously and she new how to guild. When I spoke to her she suggested I carry on using the silver leaf but how could I alter the back because it was lacking the aesthetic quality that I wanted. We spoke about using embrol paint to test because it was a resin based paint that when painted over the silver leaf it can remain smooth and also have a coloured back. I will have to buy a paint pot to test. We also spoke about possibly having industrial felt on the back, the benefits of this would be that it would remain soft on the skin. We also spoke about testing wood veneer on the back so it could remain natural and have this side that also looked interesting. I will need to start testing these ideas and chose the best possible outcome.



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