Formative Assessment

For formative assessment I want to get at least 5 pendants, 2/3 rings and 5 brooches completed. I put another load of found glass in the kiln to fire and using the best glass samples I will apply decals to the backs and then coat with varnish and silver leaf. I will then glue the findings to the back. I will also like to explore the backs and how I can make them more appealing.


First step will be to clean another batch of found glass and put in the kiln for a firing that will reach 805Ā°c. The sharp edges will soon soften and create a smooth surface.


Once the glass is fired I can begin finding the best decal for the pieces. I will apply the decal to the surface and coat with a lacquer. Once dried I will be able to start applying the silver leaf. I will make sure the image is fully coated with silver leaf (this may take a few layers. I can add a few coats of gloss/lacquer to seal and protect the silverleaf.


I will be able to filter through the best glass samples and prepare them for findings. I will need to clean the edges and the surfaces before presenting them for formative assessment. I will need to use an epoxy resin adhesive to glue the sterling silver findings onto the backs.


Here are some of the possible outcomes I tested with the findings being positioned on the backs. I will be able to create brooches and rings from the rest. I will also need to order more findings and chains for the completed ones.


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