Editing and Designing a logo.

If I want to set up my own personal brand I will be needing a symbol to be recognized by and this needs to be in the form of a logo. For my jewellery I wanted to hand make tags to be attached to the pieces themselves but my logo will need to be digital as well as physical. I wanted to relate back to my previous making and something that always occurs is the use of my stamps and also luggage/gift tags. I wanted to combine the stamps and tags and digitalise the result. I wanted to keep my logo simplistic and also black and white because if this logo is sitting against my work I do not want to overpower or contrast with my work, it is only a logo after all. I printed onto luggage tag my initials and scanned it in. I then began to play around with brightness and contrast also the editing feature and after a few trials I finally created the logo I wanted.

This is my final logo design. I felt that it was striking yet simplistic. It was realistic to the physical tag and I wanted to keep that. For my practice handmade is more important than digital so I wanted my digital image to reflect that and I think it has achieved that. I am excited to see my logo against my products.

final 1.png


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