Tutorial:-Collar Pieces

I spoke to Ingrid about my concerns with the kintsugi idea and the pewter and she suggested I focus on the photographs onto the glass because they worked quite well . She suggested I take my previous fired collar designs and apply photographs to the backs. The only issue that was raised was that the decals may fade, if the pendant rests onto dark clothing. So we spoke about how I could make the decals transparent and add silver foil or silver leaf to the back to illuminate and draw more attention to the image. The only problem with that is that the majority of the glass I have collected is brown and amber glass and the decals are not visible through the glass. I will have to do some more research and see what I can make with them, because the colour of the glass is lovely and would be a shame to waste.

The first thing I will need to do is test on a piece of glass with a decal and silver leaf behind. And make melt the collar samples again to soften the edges. and further experiment with them. Another issue I had was finding a way to attach a chain to then become wearable. She suggested I look into findings and a way to glue them onto the glass or fuse them in. This will be another thing to look into and see what will work bst in my pieces.  17106004_10208178581051515_1976207633_o


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