Degree show ideas

It is hard to plan a degree show exhibition without having the work ready but we were asked to send some degree show ideas in to Ingrid to start to plan out how our space would look. I knew there was certain things I wanted and these were: 1) I wanted a way of displaying location like a map or photographs, 2) I knew I wanted to showcase the place either through video or virtual 4D video and finally 3) Plinths to showcase my jewellery that is raised.  I had a few ideas in my head so I got my sketchbook out and started some brief plans.


My first idea was a simple idea, with a table in the center of the room with a mac with a video loop of the location with a few necklaces laid out on the table.


My second idea was a monitor displaying a video and my jewellery laid out on plinths.


My third idea would include a projector so the video would be larger and have a more site specific feel with a table to display my jewellery.


In my fourth idea I was just going to have a large canvas with imagery of site on and a monitor with a video on loop with a table to display jewellery.

What I gathered from these ideas was that I wanted to showcase my location in a big and important way, either through imagery/video or virtual video. I also wanted to showcase my jewellery upright and not behind glass, I want my public to view the jewellery from all angles to experience depth and shape of the glass. I would also like to include an interactive part where the viewers can explore the location for themselves. From these ideas I drew out a final idea which included all these ideas.


This would be a large table with pebbles underneath a perspex sheet, with my jewellery laid on top. It would also include experiments and a VR headset and a computer showcasing location. I think I will need to refine this idea coming closer to the exhibition but that idea is looking much clearer.


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