Collar Pendants

I placed my 3 collar pendants back in the kiln and fired it at (4.5 hrs / 538/ 1.5 hrs 806 for 20 mins\ 538 – for 1 hr \ 4 hrs 371\ 27_End) this was to soften the edges even more. One of the collars cracked in the kiln under the pressure but I had another 2 to play with. The next step was to see what images worked best through the glass. After choosing the photographs I went ahead and printed out the lazertran decals. I let the decals dry overnight and returned in the morning to apply silver leaf and clear protective coating. Silver leaf is tricky to apply because of the fragility of the material. After a couple of coats of the silver leaf I applied a protective coat. The outcomes looked nice and the decals came to life with the silver backing. The found glass on the surface looks like its floating on the surface of the river when in a certain light. I am pleased with these outcomes and I must continue to make more now and create more unusual forms rather than the collar design, this will be my next step.

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