Jewellery Artists Inspiration

Upon researching into ideas for my jewellery I went in search of inspiration in the library and I found a couple of books with various jewellery artists/designers within them. I have noted the ones that related to what I felt my practice was about. The first artist I saw was Linda Peterson who used materials to form her playful compositions, and for me this felt similar in my own practice. I also use a range of materials and blend them together to form unique compositions. There was something about her forms that drew me to them.


The next artist I saw was Karl Fritsch who created pretty/grotesque jewellery. I found them rather beautiful and I really liked the textures and precious materials used. Another Artist I found was Ela Bauer who used plastic to create these large statement necklaces. I really loved how the plastic became layers and all merged into one.ย IMG_20170217_0001

Another Artist I liked was Sachiyo Higaki with the wooden collar joined together with cord. I loved how he manipulated the wood and the cord not only became the chain but became apart of the piece. And a glass artist I saw was Antje Illner with her violet necklace. To me the necklace looks so natural because of the glass cradled within the crocheted linen thread. I also really love the sandblasted text upon the glass its simplistic yet so beautiful.

IMG_20170307_0006Another book I found was Lisa Walkers Wearable art, and I was so interested in how she used almost anything and transformed it into art. The two I was most awe with was the ones bellow. I really like the form and how the fragments become a collection and are clinging to the base. I also loved how she presented her jewellery at an exhibition it was fun and made the viewer explore various heights and creep through the spaces between plinths.ย IMG_20170307_0005


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