Professional Practice:- MA’s and Teaching

In this seminar of professional practice we discussed the benefits and negative features of MA and teaching. MA is the Master of Arts these are post graduate courses which help build your practice and your personal achievements. The reasons to undertake a MA would be:

  • Change of occupation
  • Develop research skills
  • Gain entry to a profession
  • Later do a PHD
  • Better on the Career Ladder
  • Pursue a Passion
  • Path to chartership
  • Specialize in one particular area

If you feel like these are appropriate to you then there are also these things to consider:

  • Funding
  • Contact
  • Resources
  • Network
  • Duration
  • Location

Make sure you do your research because you cant just jump into these decisions. for me personally I am not ready to undergo an MA I think I may consider one in the future but for now I want to go out and experience where I could situate my practice in. I did research the MA’s available at Cardiff Met however and there is a range but none that captures my eye.

post grad

The next topic we spoke about was teaching. The first thing to consider is what level of teaching do you want to do there is primary/secondary/further education/higher education. For the Primary and Secondary teaching you will need to undergo a PGC in university and have B GCSES in English and Math. For higher and further education you will need an MA desirably if not you will need to be working and learning on top of that. I was interested in teaching but I only have a B in English and not Math so if I was to undergo that I would need to resit my Math GCSE and also have a year undergoing a PGC. There is a lot to undergo if I wanted to look into teaching. I do however like the idea of becoming an art therapist, I will look more into that career to see if it interests me and to see how I can achieve that goal. There is so much to think about on that field, I know right now I want to go out of education and experience the working world either through volunteer work or through paid employment. It is difficult because I haven’t be able to experience work in the art/design industry so I think work experience is a good call first off.


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