Professional Practice Introduction Meeting

As I am in my last year of university I will need to start thinking ahead and have in place ‘after degree’ plans. To help us build a professional practice we will be having seminars which will be beneficial to help guide our choices in what we want to do after our course ends. This series will be looking at what employers will be looking for/c.v writing/press packs/MA’/Residencies and more. Firstly we needed to write down what skills we have and when looking at a job description we need to recognize what employers are looking for and does our skills match these. When noting our skills we need to be aware of how we can use/sell these skills to make a living.

My skills include:-

Working alone or as part of a team/social skills/organized/trustworthy/good communication skills/Positive attitude/time management/Problem solving/Accepting to criticism/Multitasking.

  • Wood Workshops- band saws/belt sanders
  • Printing Workshop- letter press/cyan type/
  • Photography Workshops- film printing/ enlargers/ developing photos/
  • Small metal Workshop- chain making/copper enameling/pewter casting/spot welding
  • Glass Workshop- cutting/polishing and firing glass
  • Ceramics Workshops-slab building/coil building/ glazing/firing/ plaster casting
  • Mould making- wax casts-
  • Resin- casting
  • Textiles- sewing machine/hand-stitch
  • Metal workshop- plasma cutting/metal cutting

By making a list of all the skills you have you will be able to start building a basis for your main C.V.



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