Professional Practice- C.V’s

Throughout your applications for job hunting you will have multiple C.V’s due to certain jobs asking for specific skills/knowledge. For that you will need to start off with one master C.V. There are important things to consider when writing a C.V and these are:-

  • First Impressions count (Typeface needs to be clear/and unique is not always good/layout and presentation is key/there needs to be bite size text so its manageable/ Not too much white space but some its clean and clear)
  • Beware of spelling and errors (it is not very professional)
  • Add your skills based on the career choice (read description and apply based on what the employer is looking for/back up your skills with qualifications)
  • Meet the criteria (employers want to know if you have had experience within that field, make that clear/academic/experience/skills/essential skills need to be met but desirable skills is only desirable)
  • No longer than 2 pages (it takes an employer less than 2 minutes to look at a C.V, they will get bored easily)
  • Research the organisation you will be applying for (what are they looking for?/target the institution)
  • Get someones feedback on your C.V (peer or tutor to do vital checks)
  • You will need to attach a cover letter along with your C.V

By making sure you follow these simple rules you will become more professional in your practice.


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