Updating my subject questionnaire

The key values in my practice are:-

  • found objects
  • recycling found materials
  • Location based
  • Narrative
  • History behind the objects
  • Documentation of my making
  • low cost
  • wearable

The purpose of my practice is to draw attention to found objects that have been throw away and how I could reuse them in my practice to make them into wearable objects. I will be sourcing these objects from a set location one that is familiar to me and begin to clean and transform them into wearable jewellery. I will also like to maintain a connection back to the location either through directly transferring imagery onto the fragments of glass and ceramics, or finding a way how I could design my jewellery to emphasize the location.

I hope to build up a body of work from this one set location and if it deems to be popular explore other areas and build up collections based on the locations. I then hope to sell my products online and in a guild. I want the viewer to explore the beauty in a broken object much like I have done and I want to emphasize the transformation of rubbish to riches (hopefully). I also want to make my audience aware of how beautiful local places can be. It would also be nice if I could reflect on the impact of pollution and how as a maker we can start to help to make a change and aid in the cleaning up of these areas.

My target audience would be teenager/adults with a similar interest in the beauty of the found object but also the jewellery with a back story. I think I could focus on a target audience based around my location because they my have the similar feelings as I do. I plan on accessing my target audience by recording the processes and showing how as a maker we can help to make a change through reusing found materials. I will be attempting to share my jewellery through local galleries and also I will set up a website which will introduce my practice and have an online shop. If I receive positive interest through my jewellery I can then start to branch out and look at other locations I can gather materials from and start to build up collections.

In my practice found materials are extremely important, I have been picking up glass and ceramic fragments.For me it builds a sense of achievement to create beautiful wearable jewellery from what was essentially rubbish. I think location is important in my practice as well because I am using the placement as a basis of designing the jewellery. I hope to transfer imagery from the location onto the materials.

The skills I would like to progress this year would be finishing my products to a high standard. I would also like to be able to learn how to set up my own website. This would be a challenge for me because I struggle with digital aspects of my work. I would like to build up my profile as a maker and I will work on this through social media.

I think my work would be best situated near the location upon which I found them, possibly in local galleries. This would be beneficial because the viewers would be more accepting of work based from a familiar location to them. I would like to showcase the jewellery in a gallery environment because to me it does have a lot of meaning behind the work and it may also spread awareness of pollution and clearing of local environment.I would also have the opportunity alongside the pieces to purchase them when they come offrom exhibition. In 5 years time I would like to see myself having my own business where I make jewellery to stock in galleries made from materials sourced from certain areas and make collections based from those area’s. 

I will know if my work reaches a professional standard because I will have a high level of finish. I also want to create a professional layout for my products to be exhibited within, by doing so it will help to draw in an audience and if it looks lovely then hopefully my audience will purchase my handmade work.

There are a lot of ways where it could all go wrong, the first being how well will I be able to clean up the glass because the found glass has a poor quality when found. It is covered in dirt and scratches so whether or not I can change that is a main issue. Another issue I will need to address will be how am I going to attach the glass onto a chain or ribbon to become a worn item of jewellery. The third would be how well will the glass melt/fuse in the kiln? That would be a series of experiments so I will need to source plenty of glass for that also. I hope my ideas which I feel are solid transform into equally solid and professional outcomes. Watch this space.



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