Craft Fairs/Made by hand/Volunteering

The first craft event I wanted to take part in was Made By Hand in Cardiff. I have never attended the event before but I know it is a very popular craft fair. Upon looking at the application form I noticed that the deadline is in a few days time and at the moment I am no where near a finished outcome which I could photograph and send off for the application. There is also a rather pricey payment for a stand, if I knew this sooner I could have possibly gotten a few other students to possibly join together to have a stall with. I think the best place for me to start is maybe to try smaller events because I am unsure how well my jewellery would be seen by the public. Hopefully if I start small with local craft fairs I could build up a target market and a clientele. I am finding it difficult to apply for various craft fairs due to my wearable objects have not been made yet and I am still in the experimental process. I think at this stage it is key to focus more in making and actually producing work which is good enough to be in an craft fair. The best option is too attend this years Made in Hand in November and possibly gain some volunteer work there so I can get a feel for what type of objects are being showcased and sold. This will give me a better understanding of what I would be letting myself into. For the time being I have taken out a book called Handmade Market place which will hopefully give me a few tips of how I can build my own brand. I think this will be beneficial because I am a new comer to this and any advice would be helpful.



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