Project Update:- River Finds.

Upon the feedback from last term I wanted to reflect on and refine what I want to be making this term. I am still very interested in finding materials from a found location and the place upon the Ely River still feels like a good place to stay and start because I have a personal connection because it is this place where I like to go and explore regularly and it brings me peace and a sense of joy. I want to stick to the materials I find from there and not introduce other found materials from other locations, this is because I agree with the feedback from assessment which stated that I am struggling to succeed in either recycling crockery and including locations. I have decided to drop the wood material from my practice because I feel it was great for a natural material but my skills with the material was lacking and in third year I need to focus on what I do best.

This term I hope to focus on the found materials and see how I can make them more precious so that I will attract a good target audience but I will also have this recycled material from a site which holds a narrative. I need to focus how I can incorporate the location back into the material and do that professionally. I will also need to research more into chains and fixings because I feel this is where I am lacking also. Jewellery is still a outcome I want to create because I feel that to make something beautiful and wearable out of rubbish would be an achievement. This term is going to be challenging so I will need to be on top of the making process and presentation.


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