Found Glass Firing

Upon visiting my location I not only pick up ceramic fragments but I also collect glass. I haven’t experimented with the found glass much but I feel like I should because there are vast amounts of it on site and it is a popular material to work with. There are some very interesting pieces found with lettering still remaining on the glass. My first stop is to see how I can improve the quality.


A selection of Found Glass from the chosen location.

I spoke to Martyn the tech-dem who deals with glass and he suggested I clean up the edges using the glass sander a handy bit of kit. I first started to sand off any sharp edges with the sander and a constant flow of water. After sanding I noticed that the tool left very rough marks that scratched the surface. Martyn suggested I then use wet and dry sandpaper to try and remove the scratches. The outcome was not successful so I asked if there was a way I could fire them in the kiln which could soften the glass and remove the scratches. He suggested I use the polishing glass firing temp with the code (220.c^677.c for 30 mins ^733.c for 10 mins V 482.c for hour V371.c end). I used the enameling kiln up in the glass workshop and awaited the results for the next morning.


The outcome of found glass after being polished fired in the kiln.

The outcomes were great the glass became more visually appealing and although the letters and details in the glass sank and seemed to fade away you could still very faintly see aspects of the details, which was really lovely. The material tests came out perfect the next step is to see how I can join the glass in a mosaic effect and create an interesting layout which also needs to reflect my found location. More experiments and testing is needed to find the perfect form and fixings to create beautiful jewellery.


Experimenting with layout and composition for a neck-piece.


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