Collect 2017- Inspiration

The Collect exhibition was filled with loads of inspiring work and people, bellow are a few chosen pieces I found which had aspects of influence in them, which I found that could help me in my final project.  The first was a acrylic ring made by Ted Noten which captured 3.85cts of rough diamond. I found this interesting because it was a twist on a traditional diamond ring which would be polished and sit upon a silver frame. The use of acrylic material is interesting because it is a cheaper material to work with but the combination with the diamond it should add worth but because the diamonds are left rough and unpolished, this creates the unusual twist on the traditional diamond ring. I loved the trapping of the diamond in a simplistic and clean acrylic form, it places emphasis upon the rough diamond floating in the center of the lens-like acrylic. It is presented like a preserved sample which I like.


Ted Noten- No.3- Acrylic-3.85cts rough diamond.

The next piece of work I was drawn to was this brooch by Bettina Speckner, like Noten Speckner uses precious gems in her work. Speckner uses 19th century portraits and blends them in a collage way with mixed media. I loved this brooch because with the photograph and the precious gems it was like she portraying the importance of this young girl. It shows this narrative of this young girl who might have come from a wealthy family or was seen as a precious gem in her collection. I really liked the combination of materials which combined created this very powerful narrative and that is something I would love to capture in my own work.


Bettina Speckner- Brooch- Ferrotype, Silver, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Coral, Aquamarine, Tiger’s Eye.

The next jewellery piece I saw was Isabelle Carpentier’s necklace made from multiple materials but what captured my attention was this really intricate Micro-mosaic glass. I loved how the many multiple pieces married together to form this natural looking form. This influenced me because I hope to achieve the same in my practice. It is really nice to see how the artist can use the corian material to create a natural form.


Isabelle Carpentier- collier mauve et jaune- Corian , Micro-mosaic glass, wood, heat-shrinkable cable.

The last artist I saw was this glass artist called Steffen Dam, I was really interested in his piece the Cabinet of Curiosities because it looked so realistic and although you could see that the glass artist had created these test tubes and vessels the specimens inside them looked real. I was just really drawn to the piece because I was curious to how he had made and created the biological specimens. I am working with glass this term and felt like the material held a narrative which is what I would like to accomplish also, and not only that but there were many objects that came together as a collection which is also what I aim to do in my project. Overall Collect was an exciting place to visit and after leaving there I felt inspired and motivated in my field.


Steffen Dam- Cabinet of curiosities- Blown and cast glass with 100 year old pine wooden frame.



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