Collect: 2017

Yesterday I experienced the Collect exhibition for the first time in the Saatchi Gallery. I was very surprised with the vast amount of artists/craftsmen and designers available. The gallery was large and the collective took advantage of all the space available. When I was going around the exhibition, I was not only viewing the work but I found myself looking at how the work was presented. I liked that some of the smaller pieces were at eye height because it was easier to view and there was no awkward bending down to examine them. The jewellery however was shut behind layers of glass so it would have been nice to view it from all angles bar front and some sides. I found myself draw to the glass work more because I have been experimenting with found glass in my practice. I really loved Steffen Dam’s Cabinet of curiosities, I felt as though it belonged in a science museum with the realistic biological fossils. I also really liked the embroidery done by Nils Viga Hausken, it brought upon the theme of digital vs natural which was a subject I had looked into in my dissertation. I also found some jewellery work which was influential in my own practice. I really enjoyed collect and would definitely return next year. I felt that it did make an impression on me because not only did it influence in my physical making but also the way I could exhibit.


Steffen Dam- Cabinet of Curiosities-Blown and cast glass with 100year old pine wooden frame.


Wendy Ramshaw- Yellow Buzz Ringset


Claire Lavendhomme- Et si l’avec est la- Brooch/pendant- Titaan, Plastic, Synthetic Material, Quarts, steel.


Isabelle Carpentier-collier mauve et jaune-Corian, micromosiacglass, wood, heat-shrinkable cable.


Ted Noten- No.3- Acrylic-3.85cts rough diamond.


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