Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series

Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and pigmented resins. The series is a result of Lange’s desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade and wearable art. It is meant to examine and celebrate her own as well as pop culture’s relationship with the icon known simply as: Barbie.

Smiley Neckpiece NE – o8 Photo Margaux Lange

“I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized. I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of transforming something mass-produced into unique, handmade, wearable pieces of art.” – Margaux Lange

Red Passion Pendant NE – o3 Photo Margaux Lange

Have a heart necklace P-NE-05

I wanted to reference Margaux Lange in my project because of the use of the re-purposing mass made materials into wearable art. Barbie is a well known brand and Lange takes that concept of a cultural icon and uses that product in her work which she creates unique and bespoke jewellery made from sections of the dolls. What interest me is that even though the dolls are cut up into sections you can still recognize what the product is. The use of branding is an interesting concept to play with. The concept of branding is what I am researching in my dissertation so this was an interesting piece to view.


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