Feedback for subject

I recently received my feedback from the formative assessment which happened before the Christmas half term. I wasn’t too pleased with my results but I understood the feedback and now know what I will need to work on. The first main issue is focusing my project on either one of these,

Jewellery designer who uses recycled crockery, wood and other items for decorative jewellery OR staying with my location and my found objects from the river

both have their pros and cons, before Christmas I was torn between both. I am still unsure because I feel passionately about both. I will need to think about my ideas carefully and once I do this I can continue down that one path.  I understand that my found objects are not aesthetically pleasing and they were worse before I found them so I will need to research more into recycled wearable jewellery and how I could alter them to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

I also need to look more into chains and clasps, if I continue to make jewellery because that needs to be addressed. Overall these should be fairly easy targets for the new term I just hope I can make something which is aesthetically pleasing for the end of year show.



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