Woodland to Wearable

15319295_10207495324210521_168535330483388330_nHere are my final 3 artifacts to present for formative assessment. They are the 3 main features that I want to explore, that is the idea of the story book pebble which opens up to reveal the fragment and the qr code. The next is the reclaimed wood pendant, where I try to keep as much of the history of the piece before I altered it. And then there is the 3D pebble where I want to produce a soothing/pebble like exterior.

My ideal object would be somewhere between the storybook pebble and the 3D pebble, where I can create a 3D realistic pebble that can open and have enclosed the ceramic fragment along with the QR code. To achieve this I will need to work on how I can produce a 3D pebble in the reclaimed wood and also how I can have it ope up like the book to reveal the pieces of interest. I will also need to work on the fixings on how I can open and close the pendant and also the chain it can hang on for it to be a necklace.


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