Storybook design Pebble Pendant

When I spoke to Zoe she suggested I look more into making the pebble 3D because it lacked that reality of a physical pebble. When I spoke to Ingrid she suggested I look a physical pebble being cracked open to reveal the interior and also the hidden ceramic fragment with the QR code. I would like to combine both these ideas and have a physical form of the pebble which could open up and reveal the ceramic fragment and the QR code on the inside.

I started to look at my reclaimed wood and how I could use certain parts to create the form of the pebble. I wanted to see if the forms could help guide me in the pebble making process. I took a section of the leg with resembled a circular shape and I went along with this section and moulded it to the shape I wanted.


I took this shape and began  to cut and sand into the form I wanted. I also sanded off the paint/stain that was on the wood before, this was necessary to create a full form without drawing attention from the grain/ceramic section.  Below is a before and after photo.


I then cut out the shape I wanted, and filled the gaps with wood and pva glue. I then made the film and added the QR code on the other side. The next bit was quite tricky to me and it was the mechanisms I could use to lock and keep the sides together, these sides also needed to open so I went with a chain and secured one side with that. On the other side I added a clasp that would  latch on to the other side and could open and close.

I was pleased with the design but I am still unsure of what other clasps and fixings I could use to help open and close the two sections. If I continue with this idea I would defiantly need to research more into jewellery clasps.


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