Chair Leg Pendant

When I spoke with Zoe we discussed the use of reclaimed wood for my making in the wooden pebble frame, we also spoke about how it was hard to tell the wood was reclaimed until I said. So she suggested I try to hold on to a piece of the reclaimed wood that was left. I was happy to use reclaimed wood because of my theme in the project which was the found object. I went and found some wooden sections of chair parts that was stored away in my shed ready to be used for another project. I took one and started to break it up into smaller pieces. I tried to look for a form that was similar to a pendant shape. This came in the form of the chairs leg. I didn’t want to alter the piece too much so I simply cut the circular shape off and began to inlay the ceramic fragment.


By keeping the sides intact you can see the history of the furniture that used to be. I then added chain linked screws to the sides and threaded a chain through. The QR code was on the back of the pendant showing the documentation of the journey. I wish that the grain and the pendant would join seamlessly because in this pendant it is very noticeable and not to the quality I want.



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