Tutorial with Ingrid

When I spoke to ingrid about my project in our tutorial she shared her ideas of how I could take it further and I made a note of these, so I could explore them in further detail. 

The first suggestion was that I could use a real pebble instead of the wooden shell and crack the rocks in half using the boiling splitting method. I thought this was amazing because I didn’t think that was possible. This was an interesting idea especially from the view of opening the pebble and exploring the object inside.  But if I was to use real pebbles I would have to consider the weight. especially if it was worn around the neck.  

The next suggestion was that of using resin in the making of the pebble because I could chose a resin which resembles a stone surface. I would love to explore this avenue because if I can cast a pebble and the object  I could make a perfect pebble shaped pendant.

Going back to the idea with the opening of the pendant. I could accomplish this with wood and it could then resemble a story book where the viewer/finder would have the same joy that I experienced when finding the object for myself. It would also introduce the viewer to the QR code. 

Lots of ideas to explore further. This project is so exciting for me and I get to share my ideas and making with others which is also so exciting.


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