Statement for intent for Exhibition Module with Time line 250 words.

Over the Christmas half term I plan on collecting more found materials to work with along with experiments of more reclaimed wood. I hope to find more locations of river beds with found materials but following the same river (this will aid in various locations where I can collect and geocache my work). I would like to geocache one of the pendants I have made and hopefully get some feedback from an experienced geocache person. I want to also experiment with more expensive woods like walnut and see how this will influence the piece (will it increase the worth of the piece and make it more attractive?)

In the next term I want to experiment with resin pebbles and how they might influence my work. I am going to source my own pebbles from the location and make moulds of them which can then be used to make the resin pebbles with the fragments inside. I want to see the best possible outcome and then determine what materials either resin or wood, would be best for the finished outcomes. I also want to make a few to be geocached. The geocached ones I hope to get feedback by writing up a questionnaire and attaching it to my jewellery in the hopes that the people who find my objects reply.

Next term I hope to build my business up; I want to set up my own website featuring my products (which in the meantime I will be building. This will be to advertise and to sell my work further. I also want to create a business logo as I have not yet created one for myself.


Timeline of Intent

Half Term– Collect more found materials/collect more reclaimed wood/find more locations to scavenge for supplies/ geocache a pendant along with a questionnaire/experiment with more expensive wood.

January– Experiment in the workshops with resin pebbles (taking moulds from real pebbles)/Experiment with various woods to see the best outcome). (Dissertation will run alongside this until the 24th)

February – Once found out the best process and materials I can then crack on with the making being wary of documenting every process for the videos. Finishing them to a high standard.

March – I will need to finish off the products and videos whilst making sure they are made to a professional standard. I will also need to attach chain and loops to the pendant. I need to begin to set up my website along with a logo and business cards.

April – This month I will need to prepare for exhibition, planning out where and how I will be setting my work. Making plinths and painting the space. I will need to order flyers/business cards.

May – Deadline approaches, finishing my pendants to a high standard, setting up for exhibition, remember to have made cards/flyers to advertise my business.


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