Graduate Opportunities, Guild member/ Gallery/ volunteer work.

Another option for me would be to join a guild or a gallery, I know this is difficult to get into but before hand I could start doing volunteer work so I get to experience working in that environment. This will help me in setting out an exhibition but also gain the experience needed to work alongside other makers in a professional environment. If I want to apply to become a member I will have to do this by the 1st of March next year, this will give me time to build my business ideas and products and build a name for myself. 

Cardiff Bay Gallery

“Become a Maker Member of The Guild, Joining The Makers Guild in Wales?

Our Guild was set up as a maker-co-operative in 1984, and we still retain that ethos. As a member of the Guild you are part of a community of makers from all over Wales who’s purpose is to promote and educate the public via the medium of Craft. If you are a professional Craft maker and you live and work in Wales, why not apply to join us?

Why join our Guild?

It is unique in it’s array of services that we offer our members including opportunities to all the different areas you may need to access as a Maker in Wales. We have evolved and grown over these years and are proud of the level of support we can provide in all the areas listed below.
Exhibitions Internal and external/Networking and information sharing/Teaching and professional Development/Craft in the Bay Gallery

Who can become a Maker Member?

The Crafts and the Applied Arts cover such a wide and ever evolving range of disciplines that it is impossible to list them all, however we welcome applications from any maker living and working in Wales who is personally involved in the design and creation of their craft and/or applied art. See the documents below for further information on eligibility.

How to Apply

The Guild operates an annual selection process: full details and an application form are available to download below, Please note, the closing date for applications has been changed to the 1st March each year.”

There are many local galleries close to me, The first place I would  apply for work/volunteer work would be the Giles Gallery in Pontyclun. But, it is small and local so I may not get many customers, but alongside that I could sell on stalls/craft fayres. I think my main concern would be to make myself known to customers and buyers. 


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