Evaluative Statement on my Project-Samantha Williams

When we had to research our Gesamtkunstwerk I was drawn to art made up from recyclable materials, it was clear from that point that I wanted to do the same in my practice. I ventured down to my local river/woodland and found these very interesting pieces of broken glass and ceramic fragments. After cleaning up the pieces I was sure that I wanted to use them in my work because they all spoke of a history to me and I found them truly beautiful.  I wanted to transform these broken, worn down pieces into something that would be of use again and this took the form of jewellery.

I didn’t want to alter anything about the objects so this resulted in me trying to highlight the object without altering the actual object.  I ended up using reclaimed wood from an old chair to form the shape of the pebble which would act as a frame and encase the found object

I was happy to be using reclaimed materials as this influences me as a maker. When I finished my pendants I placed a QR code on the inside this was the documentation of my journey from finding the object to the making and the final piece. I want the viewer/finder of my jewellery to experience what I have been through from the joy of finding the object to the processes and the final piece. I want a few of my items to be geocached in the same location in which I found the fragments. I love the idea of having someone finding my jewellery just like I did with the ceramic fragments at the start.

Overall I am very happy with the idea of this project because it is generally something I am interested in as a maker. I will need to work more on the making side because although I do like working with the reclaimed wood it is difficult to join the ceramic with the wood seamlessly. I want to explore alternative materials that might benefit me more without taking the interest away from the object.


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