Reclaimed wooden chair side.

After my tutorial with Zoe, I went on a hunt around for some wooden furniture that was thrown away and that I could salvage and use in the making of my wooden frame pendants. I managed to hunt around close to home and in one of our sheds was wooden chair sides previously used but now kept for parts. I took a spare side as I really loved the details that was on there. I dug it out and it was covered in spiders webs and dust but the shapes in the wood was greatly benefit me.

My first step was to take it apart and take a look at what pieces I could use and mould into a pebble. I then cut up some sections that interested me. I looked out for certain patterns and shapes that were there so I could then manipulate them into my own shapes.

To start off with I decided to do a trial pebble and make it more 3-Dimensional so that it resembles a more real pebble and less like a section of wood. I started off by choosing a section that I could work with. I took a section off the leg to begin with. I used a surform tool and began to remove the edges, making it more circular.

After using the surform tool, I found out the hidden beauty in the wood grain. The surform tool along side the belt sander removed the layer of paint/oil to reveal the wonderful grain/joinery of the wood, this will be great for aesthetic look of my pendant. I think I will need to wok more on the shape and the sides to help form more into a pebble. But I am pleased with the quality of the wood and the pattern of the grain.

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