My tutorial with Zoe

This was my first tutorial with her and she seemed to help me a lot, Firstly I started talking about my general idea of my project explaining to her my interest in broken objects found in my local river. I showed her the objects and explained why I liked them so much. I like them so much because to me they are beautiful, every rough edge, every pattern, and every colour.

I told her my issues I was having and this was that, I find them beautiful but will other people? I spoke about how I was trying to add things to it to make it more of worth but I was not entirely happy with this, because everything added took more away from the objects. I showed her my framed pebble idea and spoke about how I used reclaimed wood in the making. The wood used came from the slats of an old bed.

I think I use recycled and used objects because they are the most interesting pieces to me, they speak history and I find newly bought objects don’t do that for me. She seemed interesting in the combination of the two found objects and suggested I look at other found woods to turn into the pebble frames, such as a chair leg but to understand the reclaimed and history with that I could keep a certain side of the pebble untouched so it keeps a sense of that history of being a chair. I was amazed by this idea because I didn’t really think about using other wooden objects.

Another idea we spoke about was making the pebble more 3D so it would have that more tactile feel and also reflect a real pebble. Making the viewer want to feel and explore with the objects that have been found and made into this new object, made to be worn and explored. I want that object to  have a new life but also keep the history that it has.

I also spoke to Zoe about my issues with the upcoming weeks, I have my sisters wedding and my work has been put to one side for that. I just feel there is no time lately to do anything worthy. But after the wedding I will time to reflect and get my head down and work towards my goals. Zoe suggested I focus getting the two other ideas we spoke about done for the marking. I think this is doable and so did she, so not only was the talk helpful but also I found it motivating.


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