History of Pontyclun

Having lived in Pontyclun my whole life I was unaware that there used to be a brewery just down the road, what was more interesting was the fact that when I was searching the river nearby, I found bits of glass with the letters ‘clun’ and ‘Ponty’ on them so I was hoping maybe just maybe they were the remains of the glass from the brewery bottles that had been thrown out and washed up further down the river .

Brief history of The Crown Brewery  


The name Pontyclun, translated from Welsh as ‘bridge over the River Clun, has only been in official use since 1893. Prior to that it was known as Pont y Clown, ‘Cloune’ or ‘Clune’, all influenced by the River Clun, a tributary to the River Ely, which flows around the area.  A prominent business locally over many years was the Crown Brewery, located at Brynsadler. Originally a small family brewery, owned by D & T Davies, had been formed to supply the expanding number of Workingmen’s Clubs throughout the area . The Sunday Closing (Wales) Act of 1881 had fuelled the expanding number of clubs that did not have to close on Sunday, as was the case with public houses. In 1919 The South Wales & Monmouth United Clubs Brewery Co. Ltd. purchased the brewery and by 1938 it was producing 900 barrels per week, which continued to increase so that by 1954 it was replaced by a new building that was big enough to produce the 1200 barrels per week to meet the demand. In 1988 Crown merged with Wales’s oldest brewery, Buckley’s of Llanelli to form the Crown Buckley Brewery but after 80 years of trading, the brewery closed in the Spring of 1999.  The area is home to the Glamorgan Ridgeway and one of the most important rhos pasture landscape’s in Wales. Fields of purple moor-grass turn from green in summer, through autumnal red to the white grass of winter. Here bog ashopdel, meadow thistle, devil’s-bit scabious flower and the rare marsh fritillary butterfly thrive and the River Ely teems with salmon, trout and dippers.



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